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The Wastes RC1 Progress & Ramshackle Photos
Author: Josh Coyne
Sun Oct 13 00:00:00 UTC 2002

Ahh, I see I almost surpassed the 2 month timespan between news posts. Alot of work has been going on. VGUI is nearing completion, and alot of the spectator code is being worked on and tweaked out. I will try to put in the 2.3 SDK code for spectators (I'm fairly sure its the same coolass spectator code that CS and DoD use for spectating matches) sometime soon.

This news posts has some good news, and some bad news. For starters, I'm going to college this Thursday! So this weekend has been occupying myself packing up boxes and getting ready to move out on Tuesday. I'm sure I'll have fun out of the house and get a little piece of paper in 2 years saying I am now a junior programmer. The bad news is, until I get my first paycheck (and probably a week or two after that), I will be without internet for the most part. I can browse the forums during my hour break at school, but otherwise I cant really have a presence online. I will STILL code my butt off while I'm gone, so do not worry please. I made a thread on the forums about this if you wanna talk to me shortly before I leave or anything of that nature.

What news post would be complete without pics! Maso has been working on another map, this time called tw_ramshackle, and while it is still a bit away from the testing stage, he did show me some current pics of the map in progress, and I am already anticipating this map. Sadly I won't be able to play it for the next long while. :(

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