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New website for The Wastes is finally up!
Author: Chris Hodgins
Mon Feb 4 00:00:00 UTC 2002

Welcome to the new website of 'The Wastes'. That's right, it's finally up, sporting a spiffy new design by Kruddman. Along with the new website, we have also launched brand new message forums, be sure to check them out, and leave us your input. We have some news on the upcoming Release Candidate 1, alot of the old models have been revamped, and Kwarismian has been working away at the code, adding a particle system to support rain, snow and other nifty effects. The latest internal build of RC1 fully supports teamplay as well as classic Wasteland deathmatch. To top it all off, The Postman has sent me screenshots of a new map he has been working on, titled wl_cratefactory. It is a deathmatch map, suited for 10-12 players, set in a Shureshotte munitions factory. Check out the screenshots provided below:

(Click To Enlarge)

In addition to all the updates, 'The Wastes' team has prepared a contest for you. We are looking for someone to create a background story for the mod, the winner will receive a slot on the beta testing team. All submissions can be sent to 'The Postman' at:


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