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Revamped Deasert Eagle and Wasteland HL Progress
Author: 'Gaist Heidegger'
Fri Oct 12 00:00:00 UTC 2001

Another revamp of the desert eagle, increasing the sexiness up quite a few notches one might say. Picture below, with ANOTHER revamp of the weapons section yet to come. We've added in a number of little things, such as, say, VGUI configurations and whatnot. Also added a speech icon above typing players a la quake 3 and their ilk, and have begun rolling on a number of new teamplay maps thanks to some fine volunteers. New textures sets rolling, with an excellent new wad in the works. Also, we are going through and flat-out swapping some old textures with renovated ones, which will adjust currently existing maps-- this is a wad we may release prior to Beta 3. Some new player anims making their way into our models, including a few fun extras, such as a suicide anim. Stay tuned.


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