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  The Ronin Nomads are survivors of the hardest nature. The nomads' greatest weapon is their will to live. They have endured all that the Wastes has punished them with. They have no hope, no fear, and no remorse. They continue their existence only to survive. They have no home, no family, only each other.

  A man of few words and endless resolve, Dieter has amassed a rapidly growing reputation across the wasteland as one of the most skillful gunslingers alive. A master of his sidearms, Dieter is fast to draw and faster to kill. Darkly charismatic, the Ronin Nomads look to him as a makeshift leader, despite his disliking such. Regardless of his reaper-like nature, Dieter is a man of astute honor, and defends his comrades with a vicious ferocity that leaves his foes trembling.

  Dieter is one of the original survivors of the war, having entered the country only a short time prior to the final bombings that left the world in silence. Although it is still unknown as to how he survived the blasts, his demeanor denies any who would question such.

  With his absolute infatuation with flames, Ezekial has needless to say made many of the Ronin Nomads uncomfortable with his presence. However, with Dieter's fondness of him, their protests to have him removed for safety reasons have gone unheard.
  Frequently running into the thralls of battle with enough flammables to set a small town alight, Ezekial creates a rather intimidating entry into the street-set brawls that forces often engage.
  While his origin is somewhat of a mystery, Ezekial has emerged only recently as Dieter's right-hand man, and has proven his worth innumerable times with abject bravery... or insanity.

  Max is the least frequent member of the Ronin, sometimes drifting away for months at a time.  He rarely mentions his past.  All that is known is he was once a cop, and he once had a family.
  He and Dieter met on opposite ends of a gun barrel, the only time Dieter has had anyone get the drop on him.

  Theodus is a young and spirited fighter, He claims that he was raised by wild dogs in the depths of the deathland radiation swamps. Notorious for flinging molotovs into the fray regardless of whether or not his comrades at arms are part of it, Theodus often goes above and beyond the required aggression in a firefight, emptying clips into those already dead to vent his rage.
  When the bombs hit, Theodus was left alone from all he knew, the only one to successfully reach a fallout shelter in time. During an equipment sweep of his suburbs, he was found by Max, and quickly taken in...


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